10 ways to promote gender diversity when hiring

Women in Construction and Engineering

10 ways you can promote gender diversity when hiring:


1. Be a diversity champion and raise awareness on gender equality processes internally such as providing reports & discussions on how your company is dealing with reducing its gender pay gap in construction.


2. Ensure Job adverts are written in gender neutral language. We’ve produced a document highlighting the power of words when advertising that you can download here. There are a number of words with male and female connotations that can have a drastic affect on applications to your job adverts according to research.


3. Use a range of advertising and hiring platforms to make sure you reach a diverse pool of talent that may be suitable.


4. Is your company able to offer flexible working agreements? Quite often companies are so used to people being ‘present at work’ and the thought of changing this can feel very complicated. Numerous research has highlighted the benefits of flexible working and more and more companies are adopting this approach. With a bit of thought and attention, if you implement this, you’re guaranteed to widen your talent pool.


5. Clearly define a salary range when looking to bring in new talent. It’s often reported that fewer people apply to adverts without a displayed salary range so why reduce your potential market. Secondly, you’ll save your time on getting the right applicants and not those who aren’t relevant to the salary.


6. Use name and context blind recruitment processes. Research shows that name blind applications can have a drastic effect on your diversity hiring figures and is a great was to increase diversity and reduce unconscious bias.


7. Call out bad practice and challenge your hiring managers to address unconscious bias. Use recorded video interviews whereby the interview process can be viewed by more than just 1 decision maker and you can get more input on the relevancy of your candidates from more people that matter in your construction business.


8. Demonstrate your ability and readiness to attract and recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds. Use case studies and publicise these on your website and push out across your social media channels to demonstrate what you company does to promote gender diversity.


9. Set equality targets and train staff in equality processes. If your construction company is large enough that it has a HR department, give them ownership over increasing female applicants by 25% in 6 months and reward the challenge.


10. Introduce new approaches to access different pools of potential talent. Do you use external companies to hire staff as they may have access to a far wider database of candidates than you do? Do you incentivise your staff to refer people to your company or better still – would they do it without being asked? If the answer is yes – then you’re on the right track already!