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Our Purpose

“To promote and engage diverse workforce’s across Construction and Engineering sectors via programmes and tools that provide tangible results to people who may join the industry or are already working in it”

Diversity in Construction & Engineering

According to ONS, The construction industry pay gap stands at 21.6 per cent. The median pay gap (when removing the highest and lowest earners) increases further to 25%.

Considering the fight for talent in Construction & Engineering and the emphasis on diversity within the industry, Build Diversity aims to promote awareness through mentoring schemes, valuable insights, practical initiatives & advice to help you improve diversity and inclusion.

Construction and Engineering sectors are facing a skills crisis and only 13% of women aged 16 – 35 would consider a career in construction according to research compiled by Housebuilder Keepmoat.


How Will Diversity Help?

It’s no secret that the construction is dominated by male perceptions and the numbers back this up. At the end of 2016 approximately 27 million people were working in the UK. With almost 10% of this in the Construction Industry, only 320,000 were women.

Many companies are actively working on being more proactive on their diversity and inclusion practices but more needs to be done to reap these benefits.

“Businesses with a healthy balance of men and women are 15% more likely to outperform their competitors, while those with…a good mix of ethnic backgrounds are 35% more likely.” McKinsey & Co.

“71% of female millennials feel that while organisations talk about diversity, opportunities are not really equal for all.” PWC Global Diversity.



Women in Construction

Female construction professionals v Men
Expected women in construction by 2020
Female construction entrants from higher education
2018 Median Gender Pay Gap
Female Civil Engineers v Men

Diverse Workforce Statistics

Ethnically diverse teams increased performance
Gender diverse companies increased performance
Female millenials who feel opportunities aren't equal
Women who say construction employer is supportive

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